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Phuket Value Properties
aims to provide you with the best value property for money based on your budget and your requirements, whether they are based on investment, residential or specific requirements like ocean view, close to a marina or Golf club, private pool etc.

Phuket is a large island, similar in size to Singapore and there are many different property developments through out the island suitable for all pockets and individual requirements.

When looking at the property choice take a look at the map of the island, you will see the a description of the area,

Phuket has many beautiful areas, the most well known being

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Phuket Realestate Listing is first class property development company in Phuket, Thailand. ... properties that offer unparalleled lifestyle opportunties. ...

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Phuket Real Estate Solutions. Phuket Realestate Listing for sale and rent in Thailand. Is and commercial property, and commercial property ...

Many real estate developers in Phuket, Thailand offer investors the opportunity to purchase property that is then managed like a resort or a hotel. The property is marketed as holiday rentals (often through online travel channels like Agoda, Airbnb, etc.) in order to maximize the occupancy and the return on your investment.

Phuket investment properties. With an important touristic demand, some real estate developers created residentiel hotel complexes. The investors and owners can find Phuket condos for sale while earning rental returns and having their property managed by the hotel company. The particularity on the island is that developers also offer a free personal occupation for holidays, for several days a year.

Investment properties Phuket is a good option. If you choose a project with rental guarantee in Phuket or rental guarantee in Thailand, please firstly check how many years they offer. PHS offers 15 year Property Rental Guarantee in Thailand for most of our projects in Phuket.

Phuket9 has been professionally engaged in investing, building and managing real estate in Phuket since 2004. The portfolio of the company includes hotels, condominiums and villas. The main advantage of the company is a professional and regular Phuket real estate market researh, turn-key construction experience and management skills.

Phuket not only offers a dream lifestyle but also promises guaranteed returns on investment, full property management services, and high-quality homes. Furthermore, Phuket properties are still more affordable than many other places around the world, so that you can get the ultimate luxury for less.

The Phuket property market is extremely diverse and there are still plenty of investment opportunities. Whether you are looking to invest over a short or longer period of time, there are some very attractive investment opportunities out there both in the new and the now booming re-sale property market.

Looking for a good investment property in Phuket? Look no further! We all buy property for different reasons. Somewhere to call home whether that is a permanent residence or a holiday home. As a form of rental income through a healthy rental yield or somewhere to invest in the anticipation that it will increase in […]

From this perspective, Phuket is the ideal location to buy an investment property in either the residential or resort sectors. Buy investment real estate in one of Condé Nast’s top 3 best island destinations In terms of natural beauty, there are few other locations on the planet that can compete with the rich natural resources of Phuket.

Established in 2007, Phuket.Net Real Estate is one of the most experienced independent agents in Phuket having helped hundreds of satisfied clients find their dream home. Choice We have a wide selection of hand-picked properties for sale and rent, including new developments, private homes, luxury residences and budget properties.

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